1. Maxima be like..

  2. the full video/animation for my American Authors - Best Day Of My Life project I made 2 months ago.


  3. Some sketches, concept idea and two storyboards of my American Authors - Best Day Of My Life animation (lyric) video clip.






  4. little bicycle animation I made using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects. It’s just for fun and to practice. I’m quite satisfied with the result, but I kinda need to find a good flow.

  5. Lize Korpershoek, a dutch animation and illustration artist, asked me if I could help composing the new official (lyric) music video of Anouk, called: Wigger. And I did of course! Go check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Flj0nn2BG4M

  6. made a video for fun, called: “Homework - #remixlife”. It didn’t really turn out how I wanted it, but it’s still ok.

  7. 'colorful birds' - Joëlle Strijk designs © 2013

  8. Project for fun: Regular Show - Mordecai. Joëlle Strijk designs © 2013

  9. how to be hipster? part 2 - Joëlle Strijk designs © 2013

  10. how to be hipster? part 1 - Joëlle Strijk designs © 2013

  11. aztec pattern wallpaper I made because I was bored. It turned out pretty cool! - Joëlle Strijk designs © 2013

  12. made a t-shirt design for fun. Should I make them for real? - Joëlle Strijk designs © 2013

  13. made a new Facebook header for myself - Joëlle Strijk designs © 2013

  14. schoolproject. We had to make a CD book. I sent mine to the artist, and she liked it! - Joëlle Strijk designs © 2012

  15. two friends asked me to make a flyer for their party - Joëlle Strijk designs © 2013